2nd announcement

2nd announcement

2nd announcement

The organising committee of the Functional Materials and Nanotechnologies conference (FM&NT-2017) wishes you a very happy and successful new year. We would like to kindly inform you, that the registration to the conference is now opened, please visit our conference web for registration. The deadline for the Early Bird registration is 25.03.2017.
Also the abstract submission has been started and will last till the March 1st, 2017. The abstracts will be collected in MS Word (*.doc or *.docx) and *.pdf formats. Templates, abstract submission form and other information regarding the abstracts can be found here:

We would like to remind you, that the conference will be held at the Dorpat conference centre in Tartu, Estonia in April, 24 – 27, 2017.

Main topics

Main topics of the conference are related to:
• Sustainable energetics
• Functional- and nanomaterials including biomaterials
• Optical materials
• Novel characterisation methods
• Low dimensional systems

Invited speakers

In FM&NT-2017 conference the following leading scientists will present their newest results (the list will be further updated):
• Andris Anspoks, When and how oxide nano-particles are formed in advanced ODS steels? Practical application of advanced structure analysis methods.
• Vytautas Balevicius, NMR spectroscopy.
• Wei Cao, Functional nanomaterials for sustainable energy.
• Robert A. Evarestov, New insight on the supercell model of imperfect crystals
• Malle Krunks, Novel materials for future PV technologies.
• Ru-Shi Liu, Chemical Control of Luminescence on Phosphors for the Application in Light-emitting Diodes.
• Boris Polyakov, Nanomanipulations and tribological experiments on heterostructured core-shell nanowires.
• Subhash C. Singhal, General problems of solid oxide fuel cells in sustainable energetics.
• Krisjanis Smits, Lanthanide ion luminescence for studies of oxide nanocrystals.
• Aivars Vembris, Organic molecular glasses as light amplifiers for solid state lasers.
• Mikas Vengris, Laser spectroscopy.
• Tomoyuki Yamamoto, Local environment of dilute 3d transition elements in optical materials – X-ray absorption near-edge structure measurements and first-principles DFT calculations.
• Herre van der Zant, The physics and applications of graphene membranes.


Full papers will be reviewed and published in the Proceedings of Estonian Academy of Science. It is a journal, indexed in the Thomson Reuters Web of Science database. Each full-delegate can publish one full paper.


Tartu is a modern city with a rich historical heritage and culture. It is the intellectual capital of Estonia. Three month ago the Estonian biggest and most modern museum – Estonian National Museum was opened here. Please read more about it in The Guardian
All FM&NT-2017 delegates will have a great opportunity to visit this museum during conference dinner and excursion on 26. April 2017.

We are looking forward to see You in Tartu!

On the behalf of the local organising committee
Ergo Nõmmiste, chairman
Marco Kirm
Toomas Plank